Update on The Farm

2 weeks until Harvest?  We sincerely hope so, but no guarantee with the crazy Spring that we’ve had with rain, rain, and more rain.  The upcoming week: high’s in the 90’s…good for the garden, but harder for us as we go bed to bed and row to row hoeing and pulling weeds.  The Farmer has been successful with his ‘tool bar’ cultivator he rigged up and ‘hoed’ between each bed.  It has taken out the weeds in the middle of the space between the beds, and stirred up the tall weeds next to the plastic…they are much easier to pull and hoe! 

I saw yellow blossoms on the zucchini!  And small green tomatoes…and some blossoms on the peppers…but not much more.  Today I went to the new garden spot above the canal on Michel’s place and was amazed at the size of the pumpkin plants and how well the purple sweet potatoes that we set out June 10th have grown.  I also heard gushing water and upon reporting it to The Farmer found this is the third drip line that the mice have chewed…not a good omen.  It is most likely mice are the ones responsible for eating the pumpkin seeds we first planted–The Farmer and Zebediah had to replant over 20 hills.  We were blaming it on crickets…

Read more…hoophouse progress, plans for more cooler space… http://www.lloydcraftfarms.com , UPDATE ON THE FARM page.  

Thanks, The Farmer’s Wife



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