Yes, We are Still HERE!

There is a reason that we wrap up the Membership earlier than two months before we hope to start the Pick Up’s.  Time is one factor–The biggest factor, actually–no time to do anything in May and June…but what the garden demands!

This is a quick memo to let you know that I haven’t opened the envelopes that came in the mail the last week in May — With the first frost possible the second week of September, WE HAVE to have all the successive plantings on the melons, beans, and corn done before next week, AND any replants done now, too!  I will try to get those checks deposited this next week–I ask for your patience and understanding.  If your CSA Agreement was set up on an installment plan, this is the reminder that your installment is due.  🙂     June 10th is the date to make sure you have paid for your Lettuce/Spinach Option– $100 for Mini & Half Shares, and $50 for the Leap Frog’s.

Water is always a blessing, but too much is a curse–or so it seems.  We were in a good position with all the plastic mulch beds down before the Great Plains ‘monsoons’ moved in…water is water and it has affected the potatoes, beans, and all the transplants, too.  The broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage that we set out the first week in May have grown, but–BOY–do they look beat up!  Wind and bugs.  We have planted the pumpkins–twice–and something is still chewing on them and snacking on the seeds before they pop out of the ground.  We thought it was Chirpy Cricket, but then The Farmer saw a short-tailed ground squirrel skittering away the other day.  So the diatomaceous earth we spread will not phase him…He’ll probably thank us for the condiment!

I’ve been amiss is keeping you posted on the progress this Spring–Will try to do better.  We are still hoping to start the first week in July…but it seems so hard to picture right now…it seems so many plants just held their own waiting for the rain to pass…we’ve lost about 10 days.  A few sunny days will help–as long as we don’t go into extreme temps to further stress the plants.

Such is the life on The Farm, and such is the life for The Farmer, and The Farmer’s Wife.  No two springs are the same, all have challenges, but still growing things and working with the earth is an exciting adventure!  Glad you are taking this trip with us this year– For those that have been with us since the beginning, you have a growing understanding of what I’m talking about–  🙂

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