Canner’s Share

Calling all Canner’s–Taking pre-orders now for the Canner’s Share.  The Canner’s Share is not a PAID Share but an ‘I’m interested in canning this for this year” Share.  It allows me to get your name on the roster and as items are ready for canning to get them picked and you notified. You pay when the goods are delivered– check out  Canner’s Share page.

Green Beans will be available twice during the season– I should have plenty planted for those interested.  Two new varieties of Paste Tomatoes, a new consistent sized green bean, and plenty of broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage.  Pickling Cukes are available all season, and at smaller sizes, too.  We’ll have the onions, bell peppers, and herbs that you need for the Spaghetti sauces and Salsas, too!  (We can put Spaghetti Sauce kits together for you, too–)

Wide variety, same prices as last year.  Shoot me an email with what you would like–item, quantity with your name and phone number and email address.

Call with any questions!  thanks, The Farmer’s Wife

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