Produce at BEE HEALTHY Thursday, May 7th, 2015–  10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  (Best selection earlier in the day–)

Lloyd Craft Farms RADISHES for the Buyer’s Group and 21 bunches of 6 EXTRA! 


Did you know that Collard Greens are a staple of Southern cuisine?  Probably…BUT, did you  know…collard greens also boast incredible cholesterol-lowering benefits — especially when steamed. They were found to be 13% more effective than a leading prescription drug. Of course, that won’t do you any good if you insist on serving them with ham hocks (study published in the journal Nutrition Research)   Collard Greens are #10 on the CDC’s list of Superfoods–

How did you like the Collard Greens last time around?  We cooked ours to mixed reviews…

The Farmer said, “Now I can say I had Collard Greens…but I’d rather have Swiss chard anyday–”  

The Farmer’s visiting daughter said, “I loved those!”

The Farmer’s Wife said, “Hmmmm…not bad, but I’m going to braise them another 5 minutes–“

WHAT WAS YOUR RESPONSE?  let me know…  🙂 

The Farmer’s Wife

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