Greetings Food Enthusiasts!  Now because of the WY Food Freedom Act you can purchase RAW MILK directly from the dairy farmer.  Stanley Jones is delivering to Worland on Thursday or Friday each week.  He contacted me that he has 2 more cows that are ready to calf and will have more milk available.

There are two ways to join his milk venture:  $100 for a Cow Share (one time fee) and then $5 a gallon each week, or $7 a gallon with no Cow Share.  Prior to the WY Food Freedom Act, the only way you could get raw milk was if you owned a part of the cow.  Now Cow Shares are not necessary—but you must buy direct from the dairy farmer.

If interested contact Mary Martinez at 258-0876—Mary is Stanley’s contact person for Worland.

We will be offering the Market Day Share with lightly pasteurized milk (cream on top), Artisan cheeses, Artisan breads and fresh pasta, but the milk has to cross state-lines and is not raw.  Stanley is offering you an opportunity to get your hands on the Raw Milk!  As mentioned on this blog before, fresh is best and the less adulterations made to our foods the better–we stand by that! 

The Farmer’s Wife

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