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Fresh Veggies and Fruits will be at Bee Healthy this month on May 7th and May 21st.  Organic! 

Come this Thursday to buy–Pricing competitive with the stores and ORGANIC.  Lots of extras to help stock your kitchen and give you the best available until the garden is in production–  Tell your friends and neighbors–Metal level shares for the Buyer’s Group and an opportunity for the community to purchase Extra’s.  If you are looking for something specific, let me know before Monday–

Take this time to come in and SIGN UP for the CSA, or pay your down-payment–Membership will be closing this month.  Not much meeting and greeting of people has happened this Spring…not much word spread to the outside community about the CSA…I usually invest hours getting flyers around town and contacting people, but not this year…we have a labor of love in progress:  my mother has now moved to a Senior Apartment in Grand Junction, Colorado.  The last three full days have been spent cleaning out her home, getting it ready to sell.  Will also have her van to sell to put enough money in the bank to carry her through until the house sells.  I only tell you this so you can know why you haven’t seen flyers around town or heard much from me…2015 had proven to be an interesting year so far–FOR SURE!  The Farmer has done a great job this past week planting fingerlings, potatoes, and getting the hay ground taken care of, AS WELL AS running the truck loads of stuff to the dump–NOW onions on Monday…and then time to start getting the first round of plants set out, and the seeds in the ground!

Still need 11 more Fruit Shares to break up the cases and make it work.  🙂

THANKS to everyone who has signed on to support us for another year!  Look forward to what the garden can bring again in fresh, nutrient dense veggies.   Healthy soils, for Healthy bodies, and Healthy communities! The Farmer’s Wife