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For some the Pick Up at The Farm is difficult with WORK.  Last year we had a Farmer’s Market Pick Up option, but this year we need to readjust our focus and are spending Saturday’s with the garden and increasing our sales.

So here is an idea:  Schedule a drop at your work place!  If you have 3 co-workers who each buy a share, and the business is located along our Route to Thermopolis…several blocks north or south of Big Horn Ave…then you QUALIFY!

Remember–this is food we are talking about and everyone eats…Shares start at $120 for the 8 Week Leap-Frog, $240 for the 16 week Mini-Share, with options to add Lettuce/Spinach. You can UPGRADE anytime before August 15th.

If you’d like to pursue this IDEA for a Group Drop, let me know and we can extend the sign-up time until June 6th!  We are closing the membership May 31st, 2015.

**We currently have 77 Active/paid members, and 15 memberships pending–  Revenue from membership is down so we’ll be adjusting the budget and working on increasing outside sales to our Buyer to cover the shortage**

FRESH is best, support your local growers…be a part of the food revolution for your good health!  (Rah-rah TEAM!)

The Farmer’s Wife

Buyer’s Group Wrap-Up

I want to thank everyone who participated in the first winter of our Buyer’s Group.  My family enjoyed the availability of the organics, and twice a month was just about the right amount of time between deliveries–both in terms of administer time and produce consumed…although 10 heads of lettuce presented a challenge!  (We donated twice to Apple Apartments our overflow!)

What are your thoughts?  Feel free to comment here–

Did you feel you got your money’s worth?–including the Extra’s that were available for purchase–

Did you find most of the items you needed?–if you were routinely there after 3:00 p.m. please do not answer–

What would you like to have seen more of?

Was the quality as good or better than what is available at the store? (okay to compare Organic to Conventional since the Organics stocked in the store are limited)

If Bee Healthy stocked Organic produce all the time how often would you shop there? 

Thanks for your time–your feedback is appreciated!  We hope to do this again next year but use more of the Lloyd Craft Farms items into the winter:  potatoes–including fingerlings, carrots and beets, onions, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, kales and Swiss chard, Salanova and other lettuces, bok choi, kohlrabi, radishes, and winter squash…  🙂  This would require a good season this summer and successful plans for the hoophouse in the fall and spring.

BTW–We have applied for a grant for another High Tunnel–our plans are to use this to expand our winter and early spring production of Brassicas:  Broccoli, Cauliflower, and kales. 

The Farmer’s Wife

Last Buyer’s Group and Notes on Produce

Thanks to everyone who participated yesterday– Great Day!  We hope to continue the Buyer’s Group next Fall after the garden is done– But take this opportunity to gear up for FRESH, LOCALLY GROWN produce and be a part of our CSA.  Learn how to preserve the best of the fresh for dead-winter…Freeze it, dry it, can it, or pickle it!  This will provide you abundant nutrition during the winter months when the Fresh is not available–

A few notes on the produce yesterday:

Locally grown, Regional Produce:  Wasn’t it great to have fresh bok choi, turnips, spinach, cilantro, and lettuces all grown locally!  Remember to wash the greens–first you want to remove the grit and dust from the garden, but second we growers by-law can not wash your goods for you without having a Food License and inspections…technically if we cut the lettuce apart and triple wash it, we need a commercial kitchen.  A clean table with a commercial salad spinner and three carefully maintained tanks filled with new water for each washing does not cut it with the Food Safety people.  So, wash your vegetables!

Persian cucumbers:  eat them as soon as you can.  If they are moldy or spoiled throw them out!  They are a thin-skinned cucumber and were shipped in from Mexico.  We raise Sultan’s here on The Farm–excellent flavor but a poor shelf life and easily spoil.  Refrigeration is hard on thin-skinned cukes, so they are best consumed promptly.  For all the Buyer’s Group members…we will give you fresh cukes in July when ours are ready!  I have your names–  🙂

Haas Avocados:  I cut open three at noon and they were brown inside.  They are still okay to eat, but the texture and color is not ideal.  Avocados normally begin to brown after you cut them open–this is oxidation, a natural process.  But if the inside is brown when you cut it open that is bruising from rough handling, or damage caused by severe temperature changes or other man-made causes.  If it is pulling away from the pit, or has pock marks of brown that is spoilage.

I so look forward to having our own produce–so much is lost in shipping and in the mandated food handling and processing…nutrition is leached away the longer the fruit is off the plant.  Fresher is better, right off the plant is BEST!

Thanks, The Farmer’s Wife

Garden Fresh Lettuce & Homegrown Spinach

I am so EXCITED!!  Just returned from Cody where we picked up fresh–just picked Yesterday…in the RAINHEAD LETTUCE  and FORTY Half# bags of melt-in-your-mouth SPINACHIf you haven’t had fresh spinach it is a delicacy to enjoy!  ($2  for the lettuce and $6 for the spinach)  I also have 12 bunches of fresh Cilantro–$2.50 each.

Scott Richards, Shoshone River Farm, has been running a CSA in Cody for 8 years and gardening with multiple hoophouses beyond that time.  I asked Scott in March to keep us in mind when his greens came on– so it is thrilling and appropriate that we’ll have them for the last Buyer’s Group and Organic Produce Sales tomorrow.  (He will also be providing some of our greens this summer for the CSA!)

Another Local Holding are French Fingerlings and Huckleberry Gold’s–Both from Market Day Foods in Bozeman–organically raised in Idaho and purchased direct from the farmer.  (Price on these is $2.50/#.)

Last Local and Fresh is our own Hakurei Turnips (Japanese Salad Turnip) and several large Bok Choi–all from the Lloyd Craft Farms hoophouse!

Side View Bok Choi

The remainder of the items are USDA certified Organic (except for the Rio Star Grapefruit) from SPOKANE PRODUCE–some surprise items are Donut Peaches, full Pint of Blueberries at a good price, Surfside Strawberries, and Blood Oranges.  Hope you enjoyed the Valencia’s last time–they are the best juicers…not meant as a peeler.  The Blood Oranges should fill the niche for those that like to peel a good orange!

See you tomorrow!  Come and sign up for the CSA–Membership ends May 31st!  See you at Bee Healthy–

The Farmer’s Wife

Market Day Share

You have heard me talk about the Market Day Share with the Fresh Milk, Artisan Cheeses and Breads (with Fresh Pasta) to be delivered on a weekly basis with your share?  Well…price and structure changes have forced me to scrap the program as originally planned this winter–but some things haven’t changed:  you can still pay weekly instead of up front for goods received, and it is the same great quality reasonably priced.

If you are interested in a gallon of dairy milk to be added to your Veggie share (Lifeline Dairy in Montana…not raw but pasteurized at the minimum level required by law…REASONABLY priced), and would like an opportunity to order the other items from Market Day Foods (Artisan Cheeses and Breads, Fresh Pasta…and other dry goods…organic or organically grown), let me know.  What I would suggest is a standing order for the milk each week and then we can add to the standing order as you like. We can meet and set up a workable plan for you and your family–  🙂

Send an email to with your name and contact information.  We need a minimum of 6 people to split the case of milk (or 6 gallons).

THANKS!  The Farmer’s Wife

Canner’s Share

Calling all Canner’s–Taking pre-orders now for the Canner’s Share.  The Canner’s Share is not a PAID Share but an ‘I’m interested in canning this for this year” Share.  It allows me to get your name on the roster and as items are ready for canning to get them picked and you notified. You pay when the goods are delivered– check out  Canner’s Share page.

Green Beans will be available twice during the season– I should have plenty planted for those interested.  Two new varieties of Paste Tomatoes, a new consistent sized green bean, and plenty of broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage.  Pickling Cukes are available all season, and at smaller sizes, too.  We’ll have the onions, bell peppers, and herbs that you need for the Spaghetti sauces and Salsas, too!  (We can put Spaghetti Sauce kits together for you, too–)

Wide variety, same prices as last year.  Shoot me an email with what you would like–item, quantity with your name and phone number and email address.

Call with any questions!  thanks, The Farmer’s Wife



(CSA starts first week in JULY–)


But Better YET– Locally grown lettuces and spinach from Shoshoni River Farms in Cody!  Huckleberry Gold Potatoes from Market Day Foods of Bozeman!

Last chance to join the CSA and get your own locally grown, fresh produce–right here in WORLAND– $120 for 8 weeks  the 16 week harvest period…add a Fruit Share for $160…and locally grown lettuce/spinach for $50.

Clouds and the skyline

Pass it around!  Don’t miss out–This Thursday–  10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

God is GOOD!  The Farmer’s Wife

Buyer’s Group/Produce Sales IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT

May 21st is Buyer’s Group and Produce Sales at Bee Healthy on Big Horn Avenue in Worland.

THIS WILL BE THE LAST BUYER’S GROUP–BUT IT WILL BE THE BEST!! With the press of the garden and the shortage of help, The Farmer’s Wife needs to focus on the garden and memberships and marketing… Last chance for quality organics until the garden is in FULL SWING first week in July!  The only way to access Lloyd Craft Farms produce is by joining the CSA–Memberships start at $120 for twice a month pick up, July through OctoberMemberships close the end of May–payment may be made in June.

The REASON Buyer’s Group/Produce Sales will be THE BEST is because I am bringing in FRESH SPINACH from Montana as well as some FRENCH FINGERLINGS.  Ordering around 30#’s Spinach–1# into the Buyer’s Group shares and 6# EXTRA for sale.  (Hope you all enjoyed the Red Rover Radishes last time from our hoophouse–they were the best.  Odd how much better they taste than the store bought–not really odd…they are fresh and FRESH is BEST–)

BTW–If someone would like to handle the Buyer’s Group/Produce Sales for June, let me know…photo 1 HoopApril 2013

requires around 4 hours preparation, order twice, meet truck on Wednesday before Sales Day and set up, all Day Thursday at Bee Healthy.  You can get your produce at cost–  send me an email… or text to 431-1219.

The Farmer’s Wife

Don’t let the Rain Keep you AWAY–

The Spring rains are a blessing–everyone agrees!  BUT, don’t let the rain keep you away from Bee Healthy today–we have invested $1600 in produce with a very small mark up to make it readily available for you–BUT if you stay away we don’t cover our check: Entrepreneurship 101.    🙂

See you between 10:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., TODAY May 7th, 2015.   Take this opportunity to sign up for the CSA, too!  Membership will be closing this month–we are at 85 Members, but need more to meet critical mass and cover the Spring input costs:  Economics 101.  🙂

Thanks for your support!   The Farmer’s Wife


Produce at BEE HEALTHY Thursday, May 7th, 2015–  10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  (Best selection earlier in the day–)

Lloyd Craft Farms RADISHES for the Buyer’s Group and 21 bunches of 6 EXTRA! 


Did you know that Collard Greens are a staple of Southern cuisine?  Probably…BUT, did you  know…collard greens also boast incredible cholesterol-lowering benefits — especially when steamed. They were found to be 13% more effective than a leading prescription drug. Of course, that won’t do you any good if you insist on serving them with ham hocks (study published in the journal Nutrition Research)   Collard Greens are #10 on the CDC’s list of Superfoods–

How did you like the Collard Greens last time around?  We cooked ours to mixed reviews…

The Farmer said, “Now I can say I had Collard Greens…but I’d rather have Swiss chard anyday–”  

The Farmer’s visiting daughter said, “I loved those!”

The Farmer’s Wife said, “Hmmmm…not bad, but I’m going to braise them another 5 minutes–“

WHAT WAS YOUR RESPONSE?  let me know…  🙂 

The Farmer’s Wife