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Fruit Shares

LOOKING FOR MORE FRUITIES–I’m at 9 Fruit Shares…need 24 to be able to break up cases or meet minimum order requirements.  Must attach to a Veggie Share–not available by itself–

Fruit Share cost is $320–$20 a week…16 weeksCost in the grocery store is 20%-30%  higher, quality is poor, or Organic is not available.  The Fruit we get is coming directly from the orchards or a Local Food Hub in Montana–Flathead cherries, Idaho Italian Plums and Honeycrisp Apples, Utah Peaches and Pears, Riverton Raspberries…to name a few.

Fruit Share Plus is $480–$30 a week.

Leap Frog Options are Half the cost–$160 and $240.

Consider the value of FRESH ORGANIC or organically raised FRUIT– 
Consider the convenience of picking it up with the Veggies.

Don’t put it off a day longer–give me a holler to hold you a spot.  Payment installments available–Down-payment needed in May.

Thanks, The Farmer’s Wife