BUYER’s GROUP/ Fresh Organic Produce- April 23rd

THURSDAY at BEE HEALTHY– 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.   Best selection in the morning–will post on Facebook if still lots left by mid-afternoon.   🙂    Come and talk CSA and get signed up–26 openings!  installment plans available–4 pay if signed in April.

I ordered a good selection–most the items were in stock.  Reminder–apples are between season yet, no organic grapes, or blackberries.  I skipped the Blueberries as they were over-priced, but I do have 3 cases of strawberries.

Susan–tell you hubby I ordered 6 bunches of red radishes with him in mind.   Kris and Amanda–5# bags of lemons…for those that like to juice or add them to water daily.  Finally got my hands on a case of bunched spinach!  Will also have some green kale and green leaf lettuce on the Extra’s.   I did not order any grapefruit, but if you want some shoot me an email today and I can add on the Rio Star out of Texas. No Mangos or Kiwi this week–If I have 8 interested I can add them to the order, too.

I have a surprise item for the Buyer’s Group and a recipe to help you know how to use it!  Merry Springtime–

The Farmer’s Wife 

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