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CSA Update


Today’s count is 72 memberships– 14 New Members!  We are 28 from ‘critical mass’–the number needed to cover preliminary spring input costs…which we are incurring as the garden progresses–

We are asking for your help– Word of mouth is the best means of advertising and gaining members!  We are passionate about the value of fresh, local, and organic produce…We all eat–Let’s eat the best!  Fresh food is dense in nutrients and has better flavor.  Vegetables grown in organic and rich soil have no comparative–THEY ARE THE REAL THING!

ON A SIDE NOTE:  I am so PROUD of The Farmer–we started the Spring out with undone fall work and The Farmer has whipped the garden into shape…God helped with great weather for spring!  197 mulch beds are laid with their drip-line and the large hoophouse is planted and thriving!  Potatoes, fingerlings, and some of the onions arrived this week and will be in the ground SOON!  

Come, join with us…and bring some relatives, neighbors, friends, acquaintances, fellow workers, or a good Joe off the street!

The Farmer’s Wife