Membership UPDATE

69 members, based on those we’ve hears an affirmative from!  We need 30 more members to meet ‘critical mass’– 🙂

No Farmer’s Market for us this year–not enough energy to do it all.  BUT, might I suggest you consider a Leap-Frog Share with the CSA if you’d like some of our veggies.  The Leap-Frog would be for 8 weeks–that’s twice a month Pick Up.  Leap-Frog will work better for those doing some traveling, and for those raising some of their own garden.  Consider its merits–it also helps us to continue to provide the veggies in our community.  Good for you, good for us!

Also wanted to remind folks that we all eat…we are selling food…and we have monthly installments that are available in our 3 Pay and 4 Pay plans.  The CSA money pays for our input costs, so we ask that it be paid by July 1st–if you start now you can spread the Share cost over the next four months!

Thanks for those that have signed up–new and renewals.  We appreciate your support!  We want to be doing this garden and fresh food thing into the future–  Thanks to all!

The Farmer’s Wife

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  1. Posted by Cathy Groshart on April 19, 2015 at 7:56 pm

    We’re in for the same share we had last year. Cathy Groshart

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