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Buyer’s Group- April 9th BEE HEALTHY

Buyer’s Group is this Thursday, April 9th, at Bee Healthy.  Will be ordering 10 boxes of Heirloom Oranges as they were on the Spokane Produce list again–$21 for 19#

If you have some special needs for your menu planning–let me know by Monday.    THANKS for your support!

The Farmer’s Wife


CSA Shares–Things you Need to KNOW

We have 6 new members, 41 “Count us in!”, and Extensions out to the rest.  If you haven’t helped me to count heads–DO!  🙂

A few things to keep in mind–Your membership helps us to pay for seed, mulch, soil additives, and the drip line in the Spring.  Our outside sales up North pay for the labor costs and the other business expenses.  Our business model is Community Supported Ag with Wholesale Produce Sales. Without the CSA members the Wholesale operation is not possible; without the wholesale operation the CSA prices would be much higher.  It is a circular and symbiotic relationship between us and our members and our buyer–we need each facet to complete the picture and to be successful.

I just sat in on a conference call on a food hub and was stunned–they were talking about a 40% markup for CSA members!  Are you kidding me!  Why buy into a CSA if you are going to pay the same markup as a grocery store.  Doesn’t membership give you privilege?  It does in our CSA–You are supporting our spring input costs and we want to support you with the best produce available–it’s food, by golly!  Everyone eats–that’s why we offer payment plans for those that can’t pay the full share price up front. 

So…now that you know better how this all fits together…consider joining–consider renewing–considering eating good, healthy food!  Community is a body, and Supported is just that!  HELP US TO GROW!

The Farmer’s Wife