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Update on the Farm: 

We are getting geared up for the garden season.  The Farmer is getting the mulch pulled from last fall—there was a disaster in the conventional beans that set us back and we missed the two week window for putting the garden to rest for the spring. 

We are ordering our poultry by-product fertilizer today (certified OMRI for organics–excited about that!) and all the sweet potato shoots, seed potatoes, and onion plants have been ordered.  Enchanted Gardens has already started the majority of the plants to set out starting in May…so the show is getting on the road! 

Remainder of the seed…cucumbers, pumpkins, squashes, and green beans…will be ordered next week, as well as the mulch and drip lines. 

Hoophouse has a new sheathing and is fully operational again–poor guy has trouble keeping his cover on in the WY winds…this year we replaced the zippered ends with plywood…Not as pretty but hopefully more practical–

All of this takes money–Agriculture is front-end loaded with expenses!  Membership will be opening up Wednesday, March 25thEmails will be sent to current members, and specific directions will follow for new members.

We are thankful for a community that supports our food endeavors!–The Farmer’s Wife


Buyer’s Group March 26th at Bee Healthy

PHEW—order is placed…no blackberries or raspberries in stock…not enough people to order the pears (it’s one of those items that come in 40# or 36# units)…no organic grapes…But plenty of other stuff. 

As mentioned we will not be boxing things ahead as in the past.  I used your responses to order what you would be interested in buying.  Those indicated items are on the table with all the items for sale to walk-ins, too. 

Your Administrator’s Specials are set up as in the past, but come early to snag those items on the tables that you want! 

Thanks– The Farmer’s Wife

Grandma’s Back….Produce at Bee Healthy Thursday March 26th

Back from Colorado and the new baby and sister and brother are all doing great!–Momma Michele’s fine, too– 🙂  And The Farmer missed me!  (He got a lot done while I was gone–Hoophouse has a new cover and the corn got chopped down!)

Produce this Thursday at Bee Healthy for Buyer’s Group and Walk-in’s…I’m a little nervousonly two people responded with requests…but I’m going to assume that no one has quit eating and order the same Extra’s that we’ve had in the past:  additional greens, lots of variety of fruits and berries, case of sweet potatoes, 6 pack of mushrooms, 10 cases of those fabulous Heirloom ORANGES!

If there is anything else you need shoot me an email tomorrow morning with your suggestions! (special herbs, celery, apples, ginger roots, etc…)  Administrator’s Specials look pretty good–a nice surprise…something NEW–

BTW–who wants to share some Red Grapes…I have a request for 5#…there is 20# to a case…Gabriella or Sarah??

Take a moment and give me some direction–Thanks,

The Farmer’s Wife