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Another Successful Buyer’s Group

Yesterday proved exhausting but rewarding–we were able to deliver a diverse selection of organic produce to a ton of people–literally over a ton! Also passed out three new CSA agreements and signed up a returning member and a new member. That gives us some direction for this spring. 🙂

NOTES on some of the items yesterday:
The star of this week’s share was the Heirloom Oranges! I continue to get requests for boxes of Heirlooms–they are EXCEPTIONAL! Because they yield lower than the new hybrids, most of the California citrus growers have cut back or eliminated them. I don’t know how long we can get them–BUT if you are interested in a box let me know.

Do you recognize the Persian Cucumbers? They are our Sultan’s–thin-skinned, small seed cavity, and tasty! Eat these quickly–not a good keeper and especially as young as these are. If you’d like Persian cucumbers again, let me know–They are not available in split cases, so I would have to order 24 count and need numbers.

Green Onions–Any time you have a sealed package, open it up and use it quickly. Produce is a living thing and continues to respire. Green onions do not have a long shelf life. Can’t wait for the fresh onions from the garden!

Rainbow Carrots–The Silver and Gold had a 2-1/2 pound bag of colorful rainbow carrots…and extra’s were for sale. This summer in the CSA we will be raising the Cosmic carrots, along with our Mokums and Sugarsnax. Cosmic carrots are purple on the outside and orange on the inside–a Nantes-type like the sweet Mokums. “Sweet flavor with a slight hint of spice gives this variety tremendous gourmet appeal.”- according to one of the rare seed dealers on-line.

Portobello Mushrooms–if you didn’t pick up the recipe for the Portobello Burgers you can get one at  Recipes page–#52. Red Onions and avocado were in your shares and are also in this recipe. Don’t forget to marinate the mushroom caps for 20-30 minutes–that is key to your success!

TofuI promise to not include this again–sorry I was so ornery. Last night Elizabeth and I were trying to figure out what to do with the one left over: we are going to fry it to a crispy crunch!…Pat dry and fry in a small amount of oil. Tofu can be cut into small squares and stir-fried with vegetables–snow peas, broccoli, cauliflower, bok choi…

Take some time and prep the veggies for longer storage in the fridge, and quicker, easier use: wash lettuce in a sink of cold water, spin, and put into storage containers in the fridge. Unbroken leaves will keep longer than chopped or torn. Chop or tear them right before serving. I use gallon bags as they won’t dominate the fridge space and can be tucked into different places.

Enjoy!  Next Buyer’s Group is April 9th–because we are getting into the garden prep season I will order based on what we have used in the past. The Administrator’s Specials will be a pleasant surprise :)–no Tofu, I promise!  If you have some special needs for your menu planning, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.  Also, we have finished the first 8 Pick Up days (16 weeks).  As promised, if you would like to bow out for the next 6 Pick Ups (12 weeks), let me know.  It’s my plan to carry us up to the point where the CSA starts up again–God willing. 

Thanks, The Farmer’s Wife

Bee Healthy– Right Now Until 5:30

It has been a good day!  But still too much for me to take home—

Kiwi- 2/$1
Rainbow carrots- 2-1/2 # bag- $2.75
celery, parsley, red onions, red beets, eggplant, bananas, cucumbers, snow peas, zucchini & yellow squash!!!  All REASONABLY priced–

garlic bulbs- large and fresh–ginger root, basil, dill, poultry medley…less than $2
lots of lettuce–Romaine ($3) and Green Leaf ($2.50)

strawberries, blueberries, mangos, and papayas–strawberry papayas!
broccoli and red/purple kale…red globe radishes

avocados and Roma tomatoes!
Be here til 5:30— come and help me out!   Or let me help you out with organics!!

CSA Membership Opening Wed, March 25

Yay!  The blog pages are updated–the CSA agreement is revised–and now:  some homework–Take a tour of

Check out About Us page to learn about our past experiences and who we are— get a good summary of 2014.

Review the What is a CSA? page–

Read the Veggie Share page to check out the new items for this year!

If you are new to the CSA, read the How Do I Join? page

Review the 2015 Share Prices page and read on the additional Shares and Options—Lettuce/Spinach Option new this year and a change from the past 3 years. No ADD4Weeks option this year–

Interested in spending time in the garden 3 mornings a week or helping with Pick UP? Check out the Work Opportunities page–

Thanks!  The Farmer’s Wife


Update on the Farm: 

We are getting geared up for the garden season.  The Farmer is getting the mulch pulled from last fall—there was a disaster in the conventional beans that set us back and we missed the two week window for putting the garden to rest for the spring. 

We are ordering our poultry by-product fertilizer today (certified OMRI for organics–excited about that!) and all the sweet potato shoots, seed potatoes, and onion plants have been ordered.  Enchanted Gardens has already started the majority of the plants to set out starting in May…so the show is getting on the road! 

Remainder of the seed…cucumbers, pumpkins, squashes, and green beans…will be ordered next week, as well as the mulch and drip lines. 

Hoophouse has a new sheathing and is fully operational again–poor guy has trouble keeping his cover on in the WY winds…this year we replaced the zippered ends with plywood…Not as pretty but hopefully more practical–

All of this takes money–Agriculture is front-end loaded with expenses!  Membership will be opening up Wednesday, March 25thEmails will be sent to current members, and specific directions will follow for new members.

We are thankful for a community that supports our food endeavors!–The Farmer’s Wife


Buyer’s Group March 26th at Bee Healthy

PHEW—order is placed…no blackberries or raspberries in stock…not enough people to order the pears (it’s one of those items that come in 40# or 36# units)…no organic grapes…But plenty of other stuff. 

As mentioned we will not be boxing things ahead as in the past.  I used your responses to order what you would be interested in buying.  Those indicated items are on the table with all the items for sale to walk-ins, too. 

Your Administrator’s Specials are set up as in the past, but come early to snag those items on the tables that you want! 

Thanks– The Farmer’s Wife

Grandma’s Back….Produce at Bee Healthy Thursday March 26th

Back from Colorado and the new baby and sister and brother are all doing great!–Momma Michele’s fine, too– 🙂  And The Farmer missed me!  (He got a lot done while I was gone–Hoophouse has a new cover and the corn got chopped down!)

Produce this Thursday at Bee Healthy for Buyer’s Group and Walk-in’s…I’m a little nervousonly two people responded with requests…but I’m going to assume that no one has quit eating and order the same Extra’s that we’ve had in the past:  additional greens, lots of variety of fruits and berries, case of sweet potatoes, 6 pack of mushrooms, 10 cases of those fabulous Heirloom ORANGES!

If there is anything else you need shoot me an email tomorrow morning with your suggestions! (special herbs, celery, apples, ginger roots, etc…)  Administrator’s Specials look pretty good–a nice surprise…something NEW–

BTW–who wants to share some Red Grapes…I have a request for 5#…there is 20# to a case…Gabriella or Sarah??

Take a moment and give me some direction–Thanks,

The Farmer’s Wife

Work Opportunities

link to the first post was broken…link now repaired for those interested in checking out opportunities–

Work Opportunities

As we gear up for the new season we are in need of some workers:  2 full timers, half-dozen volunteers (non-monetary compensation), a Farmer’s Market Manager, and a Route Driver…  Check it out at   Work Opportunities tab.  🙂

NEW BABY HERE–Buyer’s Group moved to March 26th

The New BABY is here!–and Grandma needs to head to Colorado ASAP.  9# 3 oz baby BOY– Momma Michele is doing fine!  Baby is surrounded by lots of aunts and uncles and his daddy, too!

The Buyer’s Group and Organic Sales will be rescheduled for March 26th–Bee Healthy–10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Best selection in the morning.  Walk-ins WELCOME

                                       Thanks!  The Farmer’s Wife, and new Baby Boy’s GRANDMA–

ORANGES–Pick Up today at Bee Healthy

Greetings Citrus Lovers!  The Heirloom Oranges arrived Wednesday evening and are at Bee Healthy!  Pick them up anytime between 10:00 a.m. & 5:30 p.m.  You can leave your check for $21 with Diana–she can also take cash, but can’t take a debit card.  3 extra boxes remain…if you’d like one, then hustle on down and pick one up!  Bring $21 and a smile!  No smile…no Heirlooms!

Thanks, The Farmer’s Wife