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By the way…we just had broccoli for breakfast.  The yellow flowers do not detract from the flavor, the stem holds the sweetness, and I’m going back for MORE!  Second indicator of the age and condition of the broccoli is whether the stem is firm–this is…    Thanks for your time– The Farmer’s Wife

Good Morning!

This is a message to all Buyer’s Group members —

If your broccoli head has small yellow buds it may not taste as good as it could. When we received it Wednesday night it was fine, but as the day progressed yesterday I noticed it changing.  This is a change we have witnessed at our farm in broccoli in cold storage that is nearing its ‘expiration’ date, the date at which its quality begins to diminish.

Broccoli with yellow buds should not make you sick, it just won’t taste as good as it could, and probably won’t keep in your fridge.  Its on the down-side of its life-cycle.  We like our produce at its peak–we want to deliver you produce at its peak, so we will replace the broccoli next time around!

The Farmer’s Wife


Thanks to those that came down and purchased before Bee Healthy closed today–It helped tremendously!

I still have quite a bit of certain items and will be at Bee Healthy Friday (tomorrow) from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  Below is a list and the price I need to cover my investment.

Hope you can stop in and load up–next Sale Day is March 5th!

Grapefruit–very good and sweet–$.50 each (20 left)
PineappleSale Price–$4.50 each (4 left)
ORG Avocadoes– firm and fresh– good value–$1.25 (23 left)
ORG Baby Bok Choi-very tender and fresh–Sale Price–$.75 each  (9 left)
ORG Mini-Rainbow carrots– snack bag–$1.75  (8 left)
ORG Cucumbers–firm and fresh–$1.00 (may have 28 left)

ORG HERBS Baby Dill, Mint, OreganoSale Price— $2.00 (2 each left)

ORG MUSHROOMS— Medium White–Sale Price–$1.75 (3 left)
Crimini–Sale Price–$2.50 (4 left)
Portabello Caps–Sale Price–$4.25 (1 left)

ORG HOT PEPPERS— Jalapenos–Sale Price–3/$1.50 (8# left)
Serranos–Sale Price–$.25 each (26 left)

ORG Purple ‘Creamer’ Potatoes
tiny potatoes meant for boiling, skins on–can cover in cream sauce! Sale Price–$2.00/# (8# left)

ORG Sweet Potatoes–Yellow colored…different flavor than ‘yams’…softer sweetness–$2.00/# (20# left)

ORG Butternut SquashSale Price–$2.50 each (6 left)

ORG Broccolette-coliniSale Price–3 bunches for $4.00  (12 left)

ORG Medley Cherry Tomatoes– 1 pint– Sale Price–$2.75 (10 left)
ORG Tomato-on-Vine- ClustersSale Price–$2.75 (7 cluster left)
ORG Roma Tomatoes–$1.25/#  (8 left)

Hope to see you!  The Farmer’s Wife