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Ode to Grandma Bunnell

Grandma almost made it to 100…years that is…42 days is close enough to be called a centenarian.  My Grandma Mildred Elizabeth Hewitt Bunnell passed in her sleep Sunday morning. She was born in 1915 in Rising City, Nebraska and she and Grandpa Orval–called Doc by all that knew him–moved to Worland in 1941.  It seemed the local veterinarian was headed off to war, and so Doc, recently a graduate of vet school himself, and his young wife with their two daughters, one of them a newborn, settled in their new home in Worland, Wyoming.

What followed was sweet bliss for grandma–she loved being Mrs. Bunnell, helping grandpa in his office, and traveling all over the US and Mexico in their Airstream trailer. She raised two girls and two boys, played Bridge with grandpa and friends, and was active in the Methodist Church, spending many hours at Circle J in the Ten Sleep Canyon.  As long as my mom can remember the Hewitt’s were always Methodists–even in England before they came to the states.

God Rest Grandma–You’re with Grandpa now and he’s been patiently waiting for you to join him for the last decade.  Your brother Harold  sends his greetings from Nebraska–He’ll be celebrating his 93rd year.  We love you!!


The Farmer’s Wife