For Sale–Locally grown, using organic principles, need to move from storage and take the winter off–order by email to craftterri@rtconnect.net for delivery Thursday’s.  Pay when picked up.


Sierra Blanca #2 (white sweet)    5# bag- $2.00

Ailsa Craig #2 (yellow sweet)    5# bag- $2.00

Patterson #2 (yellow storage)-  5# bag-  $2.50

                                                                20# bag- $12

Red Zeppelin #2 (red storage)-  5# bag-  $2.50

Red Zeppelin #1 (red storage)- 20# bag- $18



Med/Lg size spuds-  5# bag- $3.25

Small size spuds- 5# bag- $3.25


CABBAGE—storage variety, firm and sweet

Green- heads 3#-8# size, some splits cores, leaves solid & intact–  $3.50 each

Red- heads 1-1/2# to 4# size–  $3.00 each


CARROTS—currently Mokum (Nantes variety—sweet and firm—very orange)

#2 (large and odd shapes, good for juicing)-  5# bag-  $2.50

#1 (uniform size and straight)-  5# bag- $4.50

Sugarsnax variety in the garden and will be harvested in January after the holidays.  May have some more Mokum’s later this month.

WINTER SQUASHOdds and Ends–Hubbard’s, Buttercup, Kabocha, Hooligan small sweet pumpkins- $.50/#



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  1. Posted by Ed & Rebecca Luhm on December 10, 2014 at 2:31 am

    Hi Terri, I would like three five pound bags of the med large spuds, three five pound bags of the uniform carrots, one bag of each of the onions, and one or two small pie pumpkins. Are we to pick up in town? Thanks, Rebecca

  2. Posted by Barbara Ostermann on December 9, 2014 at 1:34 am

    Hi Terri I’d take 15 lbs of carrots #1 10 # large russet or if you still have reds is take that-whatever size Buttercup squash–is that the short squatty green one?

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