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OMG Moment–

This is an OMG moment–and I mean that reverently:

I say “Oh…My God…Creator…Sustainer, and the Holy One–

Thank you, God, for all you do for us…Loving us and providing for us…

And thank you this time of year especially for your Son–Jesus Christ,

Whom we know as ‘God is With Us’–

He provided a glimpse into Your face and helped us to understand You–“

And to all our FRIENDS everywhere we say…

Forget not the season and join with us in saying:  O…MG

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Blessed New Year

The Farmer and The Farmer’s Wife

December 23rd, 2014  A.D.

Organic Food and a Silver PLUS

Thanks to EVERYONE who stopped in yesterday and picked up produce at Bee Healthy!  There are a few more items we’d love to sell this week-end:


One Silver Plus Produce PACK:  $55 Retail value for $45
Box includes Clementines, Oranges, Squeeze Lemon, Broccolette/colini, Celery, Red Potatoes, Sweet Baby Lettuce Mix, Grape Tomatoes, Fresh Parsley, Walnuts in the Shell, Heirloom Tomatoes, Sweet Petite Peppers, Green Beans.

Celery-Buy one and get a Celery Heart free–$2.75

Pomegranates– $1.75 each (large, organic, and juicy)

Parsley– $1.25 each (fresh bunched, organic)

Baby Red Potatoes– 5# bag– $4.50 (free of blemishes, fresh)

THANKS!!  The Farmer’s Wife


This is our last pick up for this month and for this YEAR!  Thursday, Bee Healthy–Back Room, 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Pick up your Bronze, Silver, or Gold Administrator’s Specials, and your Add-on’s.

We will also have Lloyd Craft Farms produce for sale…

AND there were Extra’s from the case goods–


Two 3# bags of GALA APPLES ($3.75),
POMEGRANATES (perfect decorations or stocking stuffers) $1.75 each,
Three 3# bags RED PEARS ($3.25),
2 bunches of FRESH PARSLEY ($1.25),
GARNET YAMS ($1.80/#),
Four 1# tubs of BABY SPINACH ($5.50),
3 bags of SWEET PETITE PEPPERS ($5),
7 bunches of BROCCOLETTE/COLINI (broccoli and Chinese broccoli mix-new treat!)- $3.50,
10 heads Celery (thinking of that Turkey stuffing?)- $2.75
Six 5# bags RED POTATOES- $4.50
4 Pints of GRAPE TOMATOES– $3.25

Hope to see you there–Help us LIQUIDATE!!

The Farmer’s Wife

OPEN INVITATION– Bee Healthy tomorrow– Back Room 10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

OPEN INVITATION– Bee Healthy tomorrow– Back Room 10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

WINTER SQUASH– odds and ends…cleaning out the cooler! 

Hooligans–sweet pumpkins–great baked in the oven and seasoned like pumpkin pie–50 cents EACH

Kabocha and Buttercup Squash–high in Beta-carotene–great in soups, baked, and froze for later use– $1.00 EACH

Hubbards–Red October–mid to smaller size is what’s left– $1.50 EACH

CARROTS$4.50 for 5# bags— fixed braised carrots for dinner last night!  YUM–


ONIONS– Sweet Yellow, Mild White (great for onion rings), Storage Red and Yellow– Priced to sell!

GREEN AND RED CABBAGE(I know–will they never end? Catalog says they will store till April and I believe it–)  $3- $3.50 a HEAD

All organically grown and all loaded with flavor!  Hope to see you there–  The Farmer’s Wife

Order now for Delivery Thursday December 18th

Hope you have enjoyed 3 days of sunshine–We have!  Snow on the way Sunday, and back down to the 30’s for next week–Regardless, we still have locally grown, organic potatoes, onions, carrots, and winter squash.  Place your order now, up until Wednesday morning, for delivery next Thursday, December 18th, at Bee Healthy. email me or text to 431-1219.

Russet Potatoes–5# bag–$3.25 

Great French fries–wash, cut, soak in hot water, pat dry, microwave for a minute or two, then toss with olive oil and seasoning, and bake in oven at 400 degrees until browned and done.

Odds and Ends of the Winter Squash–half dozen Red October Hubbards ($1.50), Kabocha and Buttercup($1 each), and the small Hooligan sweet pumpkins ($1).  I also have a couple of medium sized pumpkins that I could part with–great in pies!  (I’ll share my recipe!)  $4 each

Onions and carrots as priced at, Direct Sales tab.

Bundle up and enjoy the beautiful winter!   The Farmer’s Wife


For Sale–Locally grown, using organic principles, need to move from storage and take the winter off–order by email to for delivery Thursday’s.  Pay when picked up.


Sierra Blanca #2 (white sweet)    5# bag- $2.00

Ailsa Craig #2 (yellow sweet)    5# bag- $2.00

Patterson #2 (yellow storage)-  5# bag-  $2.50

                                                                20# bag- $12

Red Zeppelin #2 (red storage)-  5# bag-  $2.50

Red Zeppelin #1 (red storage)- 20# bag- $18



Med/Lg size spuds-  5# bag- $3.25

Small size spuds- 5# bag- $3.25


CABBAGE—storage variety, firm and sweet

Green- heads 3#-8# size, some splits cores, leaves solid & intact–  $3.50 each

Red- heads 1-1/2# to 4# size–  $3.00 each


CARROTS—currently Mokum (Nantes variety—sweet and firm—very orange)

#2 (large and odd shapes, good for juicing)-  5# bag-  $2.50

#1 (uniform size and straight)-  5# bag- $4.50

Sugarsnax variety in the garden and will be harvested in January after the holidays.  May have some more Mokum’s later this month.

WINTER SQUASHOdds and Ends–Hubbard’s, Buttercup, Kabocha, Hooligan small sweet pumpkins- $.50/#



Buyer’s Group– FIRST DAY!

Headed into town right now for Pick Up DAY at Bee Healthy for the Buyer’s Group!  10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  BACK ROOM

I’m so excited!  The produce looks great–ALL ORGANIC–and priced pretty good, too.  The Garnet Yams are perfect and oh, so fresh.  At $.80/# they are priced to sell–I ordered 10#, the company shipped 80#…no place to store them, plus need a quick return on the money out.  🙂

I have two openings yet in the Silver Level at $30, twice a month.  If you want to sample it this week before joining, the cost is $20 for this week.  Items are 3# bag apples, bell peppers, cucumber, tub of Salad Mix, green beans, and Carnival squash (type of acorn). Give me a call today at 431-1219 if interested.

Membership gives you the option of ordering off the case-goods list for Spokane Produce–both organic and non-organic, and buying Extra’s or Lloyd Craft Farms onions, potatoes, and carrots.

Check it out!!   The Farmer’s Wife