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Drop Location for the Buyer’s Group

For those that have signed up with the Buyer’s Group you will be able to pick up in town on Thursday’s from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  This is MUCH BETTER than coming out to The Farm in the winter, and much easier for us–I’ll be able to sort the goodies the night before and post your name and amount due on your order.  You can pay Thursday by putting your check in an envelope on the wall labeled ‘Buyer’s Group Payments’.

For those that have NOT signed up, it’s not too late–current Produce lists will go out November 28th and orders are due the 30th.  First Pick Up will be Thursday, December 4th. 


Remember: we have three membership levels–Bronze has no commitment but a $20 minimum order when you order–sometime during the 16 week period.  Gold and Silver agree to order twice a month at $60 and $30.  No down-payment needed, 10% of purchase price covers the administration.  You can renew for another 16 weeks at the end of the first 16 weeks. 

Give it some thought– The Farmer’s Wife