Winter Buyer’s Group

Hello Everyone—needed 24 people for the Winter Co-op to run similar to the Fruit Share we’ve run in the past.  Had 13 and could not structure it within the parameters of $100 down and $25 a week, and still meet the $300 minimum order and have the variety we needed to make it workable.

But–I have another idea:  A Buyer’s Group!  Give this some thought–it would be something we would start with as few as 5 members ($60 minimum to collectively cover the $300 minimum order) and can carry another level of members who would order less amounts, and less frequently if they wanted.

What’s the difference between a Buyer’s Group and a Co-op?  In a co-op you order the same thing for everyone and items are split equally—our Fruit Share and Bountiful Baskets are both examples of Co-ops.  It is simple to administer, but doesn’t always meet everyone’s individual needs or desires.  For example everyone gets a 3# bag of oranges whether there are two or six in the family, and whether they like oranges or not.   The price is locked in—so you get what $25 will buy each week.  ($25 from our garden is much, much more than $25 worth of groceries bought wholesale–)

A Buyer’s Group would work differently–twice a month, instead of weekly.  Cost probably higher than $25 but you would have the ability to order more or less quantities of items to fit your personal needs or size of family, and more or less variety.  No down-payment but a percentage fee to cover the cost of labor and storage.  

For more information click on the new Buyer’s Group Tab at   


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