Winter Co-op

Update on the Winter Co-op-  Looking for 11 more people to consider getting organic fruits and veggies for 16 weeks. 

Besides the weekly share that is the same for everyone, membership also allows you to order case-goods (or items in 3’s) direct from the wholesaler (through Lloyd Craft Farms) without being subject to the $300 minimum order (which is met by the co-op order that week) or require you carry a food/distributor’s license (which is held by Lloyd Craft Farms).  

For instance–

Order a case of Freeze-dried Blueberries to put in your pantry and add to your cereal, or a case of organic Lighthouse dressing, or organic juice drinks, or freeze-dried specialty mushrooms…

Order an item that you have one week through the co-op that your family is crazy about, or split a case with another co-op member–whose family was crazy about that item, too.

Order items that can be dehydrated or preserved…like a case of roma tomatoes to season and dry as sun-dried tomatoes to use in later dishes, or bananas for banana chips.

Order additional items for your larger family.

REMEMBER–Items ordered are from a wholesaler and focus of the co-op will be on USDA certified Organic. (Wholesaler carries both Organic and Non-organic lines.) These shares will not be as large as the shares from the garden, but should cost less than organics bought through a store.

Thanks–The Farmer’s Wife

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