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We have another soup variation for Winter Squash!  This one is unique in that it uses sage as a seasoning–we have fresh sage still in the garden–and a Grannie Smith apple!   Check it out at, the Recipe Tab, recipe #15A.


We have a bumper crop on the POTATOES, ONIONS, CARROTS, for this year.  Now that the ADD4WEEKS option that were ordered in the Spring have been delivered we can open up sales of the remaining–

Contact me by email on Monday’s, we will sort and bag your order for pick up on Thursday’s at The Farm.  This will continue until the stock is gone, or the coolers can not be kept at the right temperature because of the winter cold.  🙂 


POTATOES– 40# Bag, Yukon Gold:  $30, Dark Red Norland:  $36, Russets:  $28

ONIONS— 10# Mesh bag, White Sierra Blanca:  $13,  Yellow Patterson:  $7,  Red Zeppelin:  $9

CARROTS– 5# bag Sugarsnax variety:  $4.50 bag

SQUASH— Hubbard’s, Buttercup, Kabocha– $1/#  (These are for sale at IGA for $1.49/#)

CABBAGES— Green Storage, Red Ruby Perfection (Storage), Deadon (green and red, sweet, savoyed leaves)…. Green and Red are $.50/#, Deadon is $1/#

Call me at 431-1219 with any questions, or text–  THANKS!  The Farmer’s Wife

WINTER CO-op–more info

As I gather more info and talk to people this is where I am right now with the Winter -op:
$100 downpayment, $25 a week, 16 weeks with the option to renew for another 16 weeks. Need 24 sign-ups to make it work. 1 Vacation Bye to excuse the member from participation for a week.

This is a sample of what a share could look like
Fruit–  3# bag apples & 4# bag oranges
Veggies– 1 – 5 oz. tub of Taylor Farms Organic Greens
1# green beans
1 head cauliflower
1 large English cucumber
2 green peppers
1 clamshell of Heirloom tomatoes

We have potatoes, onions, carrots, that can be purchased in bulk for the winter. There are Hubbards and some of the buttercup and kabocha squash left. We would not purchase these or include them in the co-op unless we were out and the participants were out.  These items are for sale- see separate post or website for prices.

I think this looks very workable!!

Sign-up by Friday, November 8th, for pick up the following Thursday the 13th. You can pay $125 the first week, and $25 each week thereafter.

Give this serious consideration and get signed up by email to me at:

Thanks– The Farmer’s Wife

Honeycrisp Apples

Reminder–Need your order for the Honeycrisp apples tonight–Sunday, November 2nd.

$75 for 36# of Honeycrisp apples from a Montana orchard–pick up Thursday at The Farm.

The Farmer’s Wife