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News from The Farm- October 29th

I’ll try to make this quick–info on the Add4Weeks, Honeycrisp Apples, and Winter Co-op–

ADD4Weeks option–we are diligently working on carrots and potatoes- today we bagged 230# of carrots and 240# of potatoes.  We have 500# more of potatoes and 140# more of carrots.  Here’s the delivery plan–We will deliver to your doorstep on Saturday, November 1st…including the people out of town.  I will send an email or a text message to each of you tomorrow.

Honeycrisp Apples–this is a really good deal and even better is that Honeycrisp apples are good keepers.  You can buy a 36# box and keep it in a cool spot and enjoy the apples for several weeks.  These are coming direct from a MT orchard so the ‘enjoy time’ is longer.  I need one more order to meet the minimum.  Email or text me– or 431-1219

Winter co-op–Now that the regular CSA season has come to an end, I’m looking for organics for our own family.  So here is an idea:  A Lloyd Craft Farms Winter Co-op.  It will run from mid-November until the end of June when the 2015 CSA starts up.  Produce would be ordered in bulk from Spokane Produce and delivered weekly–all USDA certified organic, 2/3 Veggie with a ‘greens’ tub and 1/3 Fruit.  Cost is $200 Down-payment and $25 weekly. Open to 24 members. Still working out specifics, but if you are interested send me an email–and include any questions you might have.

Thanks you’all!  The Farmer’s Wife