The Truck will be in Thermopolis around 10:15.  This is the final share and it includes Leap Frogger’s!  See you Thermopolites then–

The Deliveries North will start at 10:00 from Worland and end around 11:30 in Greybull.  Be prompt in meeting Paula.


Thanks to all the members!  You are awesome and we are blessed!  So much good happened this year!  We would deem 2014 as a success–

I’ll post more information next week on the Add4 Weeks option for those that signed in the spring.  Your pumpkins, squash, and onions have already been set aside–will be digging potatoes and carrots.  We assume we will have bulk carrots and potatoes and onions for sale to other members, and then non-members, but have to fulfill obligations first.

I have spoke to some about a weekly Winter Co-op which would start up in a couple of weeks.  It would be USDA certified organic produce–2/3 Veggie and 1/3 Fruit with a ‘greens’ tub of spinach, lettuce, arugula, etc.  Checking on the winter-readiness of our cooler, and crunching the numbers.

THANKS– The Farmer’s Wife

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