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OCTOBER 23rd– Last Share of the season


A reminder that Thursday is the last Share Pick Up of the season!  Pick Up is from noon until 3:00 p.m.  According to the weather report, we are expecting 12 mph winds to start around 3:00…so you will not want to tarry…wind is difficult out here on the farm–WE WILL NOT BE SETTING SHARES ASIDE IN THE COOLER UNLESS YOU HAVE MADE ARRANGEMENTS AHEAD OF TIME.

Thursday is also the last Fruit Share of the season–more of those Strawberry Papayas and some Strawberries…a Mango, Ginger Gold Apples from last week, and organic Bananas.  I baked Persimmon cookies last night with the Hachiya persimmons from last week–ohhh…so good and easy!  Persimmons give it a natural sweetness and perfect moisture.  Hope you have enjoyed the fruit as much as I have–an experience in discovering new fruit and what to do with it

ADD4Weeks options will be ready at a later date, hopefully sometime next week–100 acres of tangled Northern beans took precedence this week.  We are 2/3 through untangling the beans from the mess the 45 mph gusts created, and 1/3 through the harvest.  Bring your pitchfork and help–we have to do the hand labor before the combine can do the machine labor.   

I think that is all for now–Please don’t forget! 

See you Thursday– The Farmer’s Wife