We are not going to be able to dig potatoes, and the carrots need another week to grow.  For these reasons the Add4Week option will be passed out the first week in November, or sooner if we can get potatoes and carrots dug before the rain next week. 

This year the potatoes and onions will be bagged in plastic mesh bags best for potatoes and onions.  The carrots will be in 5-10# units in plastic bags.  Below is what we are hoping to include in the Large Add4Weeks options–Small is half that quantity.

LARGE- 40# potatoes (30# Russets/10# Reds or Yukons), 20# Sugarsnax carrots, 10# Yellow storage onions–They dried up beautifully!  Also 4 winter squash including a Hubbard.  Hopefully 2 pumpkins–Powdery mildew put us short on solid storage pumpkins.  We are also adding a green and red storage cabbage that will keep in a cool place for a month, or in a fridge for two.

We should have extra potatoes that will be sold in 20# allotments, and carrots, too.  The Winter Squash is only available to those 27 people that pre-ordered the option in the Spring.  Price of bagged potatoes and carrots to be determined once they are harvested.  If interested, follow the blog for more information.

ADD4Weeks–stay tuned for more information on the delivery date–  Thanks for your patience!

The Farmer’s Wife

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