The Changing Season- Update on the FARM

Before I head back to bed I want to share the excitement of the changing season.  Yesterday morning I woke up to the loudest cackling of birds I’ve ever heard!  I sat up on my elbows and looked out the window.  There on the lawn and in the huge trees that run the perimeter of the front yard were thousands of birds!  Literally THOUSANDS–the noise was deafening–  They were gathering for the flight south–migration to the warmer places.  As quickly as they appeared, they were gone–but not without rousing everyone in the house first–

Friday morning we hit the garden at 9:00 a.m.  I had some parsley to cut and bag.  As I walked the herb bed I was awed by the thick white frost on the sage and oregano and the drooping fronds of the fennel.  The parsley I needed was laying flat, but still a healthy green.  Thyme and cilantro looked as they had the day before–no frost or indication of the 30 degree temperature several hours earlier.  Two hours later the parsly was perky and ready to go– Amazing how some plants snap back from a cold snap!

This is the second morning of the low temps…and the pepper plants are showing it.  They are limp, dark green, slimy leaved with drooping translucent peppers that resemble something from that art piece Time by Salvador Dali with the drooping clocks–I’m sure you’ve seen it.



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  1. Fancy writing my dear! Our writers group could learn from you!! Maybe after harvest you could come sometime and share blogging secrets.


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