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Saturday is nearly upon us!  Share Pick Up for the Saturday group–Veggie and Fruit.

We have cleaned the cooler out and harvested some great BROCCOLI to sell at Farmer’s Market–$1.75/BAG

Other items are listed below:

CABBAGE– $1- $3 a head depending on size–both early variety and storage kind

Plethora of PEPPERS–Dollar Deals on Bells, Hot Wax, Pepperoncini, and Snack Peppers…

POTATOES– 5# bags of Reds and Yukons ($5.50), 5# bags of Baby Purple Vikings & Fingerlings ($6)

ONIONS— white, red, and yellow–all sweet! $.75/$.85 a piece

CELERY for flavoring great FRESH soups and drying the tops for the WINTER soups

GREEN BUTTER SALANOVA HEADS–Lady Bugs included…no spray pesticides    🙂

Try some PURPLE DAIKON RADISHES–2 recipes available!

64 ears of CORN–absolutely last of the season!

CLEARANCE ON ALL MELONS— Seedless Orange Crisp watermelons, Seeded Crimson Sweet watermelons, a few cantaloupe and Mini-watermelons, some French cantaloupe, lots of Honey Dew…all crisp and firm and sweet.  Last CHANCE–

Come for the last of the corn and melons…AND great goodies for the fresh fall soups!

The Farmer’s Wife