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Raspberries and Thursday Pick UP

As posted earlier, Thursday Pick Up will be at the Museum Parking Lot from 4:30 to 5:30.  BRING YOUR BAGS–SEVERAL for both Veggie Share and Fruit Share.

Raspberries can be picked up there on Thursday, or will be delivered Friday, or picked up Saturday at Farmer’s Market, depending on your normal Pick Up day.  Those who ordered and are not members can pick their Raspberries up on Thursday at the Museum Parking Lot.

I have 3 extra Flats still for sale for $30.  1/2 Pints will be for sale at Farmer’s Market for $3. 

Canner’s Shares of tomatoes, corn, and green beans will be on the truck for Pick Up Thursday.  If your normal pick up day is not Thursday and you would like to pick up your Canner’s Share on Thursday, text me at 431-1219 so that the Share can be loaded onto the truck. 

That’s all FOLKS–Stay warm and think warm thoughts for the garden!

Thanks, The Farmer’s Wife