More UTAH Fruit

Hope you enjoyed the Peaches, Pears, Apples, and Cherries that were delivered last week.  I canned up 7 quarts of the PEACHES–Suncrest are great and keep their texture and color.  Still working on the second box of peaches, 2 boxes of Golden Delicious for applesauce, and my box of Pears.  The sweetened cherries are tucked in the freezer for this winter–No work required!

The Fowers Orchard truck will be on its way for the second delivery around September 26th–  Order by Friday, September 19th.

Here’s what you can get this trip:

GALA APPLES–38# box for $35

GREEN OR RED BARTLETT PEARS–39# box for $32.50

If you missed out on the Peaches first round,  you can order, but there is no guarantee that they will be available–end of season. 

PEACHES–33# box for $32.50

TART CHERRIES–30# tub (frozen) for $43


Send an email to by September 19th.   Thanks, The Farmer’s Wife


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