CANNER’s–Last Chance


For Canners–weather is cooler and the summer pace should be slowing…perfect time to put things up for the winter!  Consider the following–

We boxed and delivered 220# of Tomatoes last week.  We hope to pick an equal amount tomorrow and fill the rest of the orders.  I am sending emails to those I have listed–If you don’t get an email and want Tomatoes, let me know! Cost is $21 for 20#.

If you want Corn to freeze, SPEAK UP!  The Vision corn harvest started last week. Vision is the best for freezing.  Elizabeth and I blanched and cut corn off of 63 ears of corn yesterday and froze 10 quart–They will be divine this winter!  (I had to throw out the 2013 corn–not a good one…I apologize if you froze some of it and had to throw it out too.  We couldn’t get Vision last year and had to substitute something else.)  Cost is $24 for a bushel–48 ears.

We will pick the Green Beans again tomorrow.  This year we planted 5 varieties–First and second were mediocre, third did not make it, fourth was FABULOUS but only half of it was harvested in a timely manner, and now we are onto the fifth variety.  The fifth is a pole bean variety and we are getting them picked on time…so far.  These are the beans that were in the Shares on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  They will can or freeze easily.  I’m doing mine today–either can or French cut to freeze…haven’t decided yet.  If you’d like some, let me know today or tomorrow and we’ll get them to you–Cost is $45 for 20#’s.

Broccoli is wonderful right now–the cool weather works miracles and the broccoli heads stay tighter and the flavor is milder.  Broccoli freezes easily and is tender in the winter if blanched and chilled correctly before packing into the freezer bags.  Order some for the winter–Cost is $1.25/#, minimum order is one box which holds roughly 13#.

I still may have some Pickling Cukes–just afraid to look…I know I’m out of pickles and want to do some dills.  If you too would like picklers, let me know.  We picked them last week and got 60#’s–should be able to do the same.  Cost is $23 for 13#. 

This may be the last hurrah on the canning things–take advantage this week so we can get you taken care of before the frost shuts down the tomatoes and cukes and beans and corn.


Thanks!   The Farmer’s Wife

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