The second crop of BROCCOLI has been harvested.  We have over 150# of broccoli all cleaned up and ready to go.  Broccoli is great steamed and cooked for a meal or as a tasty side–I like mine a little cheesy.  But it is also a good candidate enjoyed in the winter months frozen–

Our Canner’s Share of BROCCOLI is ready for anyone interested in a culinary treat. 

To Freeze broccoli, cut into the desired side–uniformly sized pieces for the best success–plunge into boiling water and cover and boil for 3 minutes (or steam for 5).  Remove and plunge into cold (can be icy) water.  Cool to touch, drain, and pack into freezer bags.  Label with date, and lay out flat in the freezer.  Next day stack them up to take up less space.  Enjoy them in the dead of the winter.  (It’s a REAL treat!)

Home frozen, from fresh BROCCOLI is nothing like the store bought stuff which is tough and often tasteless.

Cost for 8 large heads of BROCCOLI is normally $32, but we are overstocked and are selling it for $24.  (That averages $1.87/#)   Order by email:   Can deliver at Farmer’s Market Saturday morning if ordered Friday. 

Remember–Our BROCCOLI is clean and raised without pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. 

The Farmer’s Wife

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