6th Week VEGGIE Share

The garden is changing it’s tune and we are moving to the next part of the song–figuratively speaking! 

This week’s share can contain your SALANOVA LETTUCE, GRAPE or PASTE TOMATOES, SIERRA BLANCA ONIONS, BIG CARROTS (still taste sweet), ISLANDER PEPPERS (light meated and sweet bell-type), GREEN BEANS or BAGGED BROCCOLI, and maybe a little SWEET CORN for the Thursday group.  The Friday and Saturday Pick Up’s will be the last group to get their SWISS CHARD SALAD KIT.

The Extra’s table will have CUKES and ZUKES and anything else extra from the cooler–like the last of the odd shaped Red Cabbage and our forever ANTOHI PEPPERS.

Hope all are enjoying everything we have harvested so far! 

Melons and early Potatoes will be ready soon–Next week the world famous Gonzales Sweet Cabbage, a European Farmer’s Market special (no thrips damage–near perfect!!)

The Farmer’s Wife


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  1. Posted by Dan & Alecka Madden on August 14, 2014 at 9:20 pm

    Sorry I was unable to pick up my share on Tuesday. I was in the hospital, home now but not feeling up to picking up the veggies. Forgot to tell Dan I know that he would of. Being such a pain in the neck this year!! My Apologies Alecka

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