5th Week Share

We are now getting ready for the 5th week of the 2014 Season– I am impatient for tomatoes and bell peppers…they are coming–but not this week yet.  The corn and potatoes are a couple of weeks away, too. Some of the corn has been ready, but we lost the race with the coons–even with the electric fence up.

So–for this week:   Salanova or Mini-heads of lettuce, Red Cabbage, Striped Armenian Cucumbers, Swiss Chard salad recipe with a Red Beet, Islander Bell Peppers, Easter Egg radishes, Onion, a limited amount of Green Beans (or Yellow Wax) and eggplant, and Extras of cucumbers and summer squash for those that relish them.  Reminder–We work on a rotation system.  These items are available but will not be in everyone’s share.

A note on the eggplant–they seem to be slowed up for some reason-?? We have been picking them–but the size is not what it should be and I’m going to let them grow some more.  If not completely mature they can be a little bitter.  The plants are loaded and so one day we will check them and say, “Holy crap!  Where do we go with all these eggplants!”  Until that time–be patient.

A note on the Salanova–we had a problem a couple of weeks ago with white fly and aphids.  We think we have it under control now and apologize for any inconvenience.  The lettuce was good and the bitsy pests had not imbedded themselves in the tissue or scarred the lettuce.  We rinsed them four times before we spun and bagged them.  When you rinsed them you may have seen some specks in the water…they should have been dead.  This is the down-side of trying to remain true to organic produce–a few bugs or scar tissue damage, but weigh it out against the pesticides on conventionally grown crops that you can’t see.

Per my previous post–If you had produce you could not eat, let us know and we will replace it.  We stand by our guarantee. 


The Farmer’s Wife

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