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Saturday Pick Up and Melons

Saturday PICK UP at Pioneer Square Parking Lot–8:30 to 10:00.


FRUIT for sale:  PINEAPPLES ($4.25) and BLUEBERRIES ($6.50/lb)

CANTALOUPE– $1 for seconds, $2 for fresh picked

HONEY DEW– $3 and $4 depending on size

GALIA– $2 and $3 depending on size


See you there!  The Farmer’s Wife



The Utah Fruit is tucked into a corner of our cooler and chilling–You can pick it up anytime Friday at The Farm. If you want to pick it up Saturday between 8:30 and 10:00 at the Pioneer Square parking lot, SEND ME AN EMAIL Friday so we can load the fruit onto the truck. Email is

We ask that FRUIT be picked up by Monday, September 1st, to free up the cooler for shares and shipments. 🙂 WEEK #9 on its way!

Prices — Peaches $32.50, Apples $34.50, Pears $30,
Frozen Cherries $41 (sugared) and $43.50 (no sugar)

THANKS– The Farmer’s Wife


This is an IMPORTANT POST for all CSA members and those who have ordered fruit or wish to buy Cantaloupe and Watermelons.


However, the Blueberries are coming in from ID on Wednesday, and the Utah Fruit possibly Thursday (if they can get it harvested due to rain delays)….We have MELONS…AND 15 shares are being readied for Pick Up Saturday.

THE LLOYD CRAFT FARMS DELIVERY TRUCK WILL BE PARKED IN THE PIONEER PARK PARKING LOT ON SATURDAY FROM 8:30 TO 10:00.  Pick up your share, pick up the Utah Fruit you ordered, pick up your Blueberries, and pick up some melons for the Labor Day weekend. ($2-$4)  (I will have a limited amount of Blueberries in 1# bags for those who didn’t want to buy the $31 bag.)

If you will be out of town for Labor Day Weekend HERE IS AN OPTION:

Pick up your Blueberries Thursday at The Farm from 4:30 to 6:00, or Friday afternoon.  (Cost is $31/bag)

Pick up your Share Thursday at The Farm from 4:30 to 6:00, or Friday afternoon sometime…email me so we will have it ready for you.

Watch for a post on the incoming Utah Fruit.  I will pick it up and store it in our cooler.  You can pick it up at The Farm pretty much anytime after it is here.

Melons will always be for sale at Pick Ups Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30 to 6:00 (members and non-members), and Labor Day week-end on Friday afternoon at The Farm:  Cantaloupe…$2, Galia Inbar and Honey Dew…$2-$4 depending on size, Personal Watermelons….$2.50

In Summary–We will be parked at Pioneer Square on Saturday for Pick Ups and melons.  If you are going to be gone, plan on picking up your share (and some melons) at The Farm on Thursday or Friday–Let me know by email

THANKS!  The Farmer’s Wife


We are loading all the Saturday members shares into the back of the delivery truck  AND about 10 extra tubs of melons.  Our plan is to park the truck in the alley way next to where we normally set up our tables for Farmer’s Market. 

SATURDAY CSA members–Pick up your share at the same place (but from the tailgate of the truck).  Come before 9:30, if possible–We’d love to head home at 9:30 instead of 11:30–  🙂 It’s cold and chilly out there! 

MELON BUYERS–we have melons for the CSA Members and will also sell to anyone that shows up and wants to buy some this morning–need to move that stock!!

THANKS!!–  The Farmer’s Wife



Farmer’s Market today–8:00 to 11:30 a.m.

Seedless Mini-Watermelons–$2.50 each  ($4.97 at Blair’s this week)

Cantaloupe–$2.00 each (average weight is 4#–50 cents/#)

Galia Inbar–Honey Dew/Cantaloupe mix–$2.00 each (average weight is 3#–60 cents/#)

We also have some larger Sweet Slice Seedless Watermelons and some yellow-fleshed Amarillo Watermelons— 60 cents/#

Other items for Farmer’s Market–New CABBAGE, RED CABBAGE, BEETS, YELLOW WAX BEANS, BROCCOLI–both bagged and heads, JUICING CARROTS, LEMON CUCUMBERS and SLICERS, ZUCCHINI and PATTY PANS and some YELLOW SQUASH…and other odds and ends from the cooler.




The fruit was not on the truck from Spokane tonight.  Not sure what the mix-up was, but the money set aside for this week’s fruit share will be spread throughout the remainder of the season.  Hope no one is more disappointed than I am–  Sorry there is no fruit this week.       The Farmer’s Wife

Update on The Farm

AUGUST 20th, 2014

Time to post an Update on the Farm.  It is 2:20 in the morning.  I usually sleep quite well–more like fall into bed exhausted at close to midnight.  This night was a little different:  it was an early 11:00 p.m. when the head hit the sheets.  But here I am– brain racing and so…a quick post.  Ho-ho-ho…nothing quick about me!

As I’ve stated before:  Every year is different.  This year is no exception.  As we transition into the second phase of production we are confronted with new problems:  Rodents and possible ground fertility issues.

READ MORE at, Update on The Farm tab.

Membership Opportunity

Periodically people will ask, “How do I join?” during the harvest season.  I encourage them to sign up ‘to follow’ the blog via email–then when we open up the membership the next Spring they will be the first to know and have an opportunity to buy a membership in the CSA and get that fresh produce on a weekly basis during the season.

If you are getting this by email it is because you ‘signed up to follow the blog via email.’

A midseason opportunity has come up to get a share from the first week in September to the end of the season….we are working toward delivering weekly shares through the fourth week in October.

If you are interested contact the Shareholder by email : barbaramoots@gmail. com. If you are a member and know of someone who may be interested, give them this information.  Thanks,

The Farmer’s Wife


Greetings Foodies!  We are into our 7th week of the season-

This week’s Fruit Share is YELLOW–everything is yellow:  Golden Apples, Pineapple, Bartlett Pears, and a bag of Grapefruit!  Should be fun–Bigger share than the last couple of weeks…assuming everything that I order comes in. 

Note on how the share size is figured:  I have a running total of available money for the Fruit Shares.  Each week I deduct the cost of the Share for that week; The remaining balance is divided by the number of weeks left in a 16 week season and the number of shares (Full’s have two shares).  We are in good shape financially–the last couple of weeks have been bumpy with delayed delivery on the blueberries, refused grapes, and weight shortages that resulted in less pounds on items.  But any shortages increase the amount of money for the following weeks–  🙂

7th WEEK VEGGIE SHARECorn, European Cabbage (small and peppery), Eggplant and Tomatoes, Green and Purple Islander Bells, Green Beans, Beets, Cantaloupe and Watermelons.  Greens this week are Curly Kale, Swiss chard, or Salanova lettuce.  Kale and Salanova supplies are low–new crop of Salanova in a couple of weeks–

Remember–not everything is available for all pick up days–items will be rotated weekly to assure everyone gets a share during the season.  ENJOY!!


Hope those that had the Palisade Peaches enjoyed them! 

My personal assessment–the #1’s were amazing.  The #2’s were a little rough but also had a great flavor.  Probably will not order again through this outlet though-weights were inconsistent and too many culls.

NOW– The much awaited UTAH Fruit is coming!

TIME NOW TO ORDER (BY AUG. 21st, 2014)– 

Order by email to by Thursday.  Payment due at pick-up, which is usually a week to 10 days later.

I’ve ordered from this orchard for over ten years and never been disappointed!

PEACHES…. 32 3/4 #…. $32.50

NECTARINES….  22#…. $27.00

GINGER GOLD APPLES…. size not stated but regular box size…. $34.50

CALI PEARS…These are a red pear with a really white flesh- excellent! …. $30

FROZEN PIE CHERRIES- pitted…. 30# …. $41  (sugared) …. $43 (no sugar)

I buy the sugared cherries and keep them in the freezer all winter–carve out several cups for homemade pies or cobbler.  We even take a spoon and scoop out a bowlful for a snack– 

This is quality fruit at a very reasonable price.  Remember–Order by Thursday–

The Farmer’s Wife