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Messages from The Farm

Hello Everyone!  This is a message to all members–

WAXED BOXES–We delivered the ordered cabbages, cauliflower, and broccoli in waxed boxes–We need those back.  You can return them to Brittany when she makes your delivery on Friday–THANKS!

SSB BAGS–We are delivering the out-of-town shares in SSB cloth bags.  We need those returned, too.  The bank donated 90 to us–we use them in a rotation and try to color code them to simplify our delivery.  The can be returned to Brittany on the North Route and Me on the Thermopolis Route.

EGG CARTONS–both of the egg ladies have asked that you return their egg cartons to The Farm and we can get them to them when they deliver new eggs.  We will also accept any other paper cartons you may want to part with–Bring them to Pick Up’s or Brittany and Me on the delivery routes.

GUARANTEE–We guarantee the freshness and quality of our produce.  If you
EVER get any item that is not good, let us know.  We will replace it with like kind and quality or something better if that item is not available.  It is sometimes a challenge raising without chemicals–you can expect an occasional bug or blemish, but the quality of the produce should not be diminished.   PLEASE, please, please let us know–

That’s all for tonight folks!   The Farmer’s Wife