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I’ve been a little derelict in keeping the canner’s posted, so here it is:

We have pickling cucumbers–13# (roughly 8 quarts) and a limited amount of dill–send me an email.  Several recipes for pickles are posted on the Recipe tab.

I have two 5# bags of large green beans for Dilly Beans— $7  (These are great pickled but too large to can as green beans–)

I have an abundant amount of Cauliflower that can be froze.  It is not the most beautiful looking stuff–slightly yellowed instead of snow white, BUT just as tender and sweet as that which you’ve had in your shares.  I’ll be working it through Tuesday and Wednesday and breaking it up for 20# bags–It will be available for sale on Thursday.  Cost is $14/bag while supplies last.  I can sell it in 10# bags, too.

Send me an email for any of these items:

The Farmer’s Wife

Update on the Farm

My monthly Update on the Farm is now published on the blog–It tells you how things are going here and what we do to pass the time–LOL!  Also, the update includes a brief introduction of our wonderful team for this year.    Connect at, the Update on the Farm tab.


The Farmer’s Tired Wife

Message for the Leap Frog Shares

Greetings all you Leap Froggers!  For those that are getting their shares twice a month, August has a funny little twist.  Your Pick Up weeks are the 2nd and the 4th weeks of each month.  July has nearly 5 weeks, so August 2nd is considered a part of the last week in July.  That makes your Pick Ups on August 15th for Thermopolis, and August 16th for Worland at Farmer’s Market.

Mark your calendar–August 15th or 16th, and the fourth week is August 29th or 30th– 

The Farmer’s Wife