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PEACHES– Order cancelled

Hi Everyone that ordered peaches–I am pulling this order for now.  Based on my past experience I am not confident these particular peaches will be good canners. The first peach I had was great, but they have not continued to ripen the way I think they should.

The GOOD NEWS is–We have peaches, pears, and cherries coming out of Utah in August.  I’ve bought peaches for over ten years from Fowers and the quality and consistent supply has been great!  They send their own truck and we don’t go through a buyer.

Sorry if the thought of boxes of peaches made your mouth salivate–it did mine–But boxes of peaches that don’t peel and aren’t free from the pit is a canner’s nightmare–I’ve had that one and lived through it!

THANKS– The Farmer’s Wife



Saturday, Farmer’s Market– Pioneer Square in Worland– 8:00-11:30 am

Veggie and Fruit Share Pickup–LEAP FROGS this week!

Items for sale include FRESH HERBS including BASIL, CUCUMBERS including LEMON CUCUMBERS, BROCCOLI & CAULIFLOWER for $1.50 a head, EGGPLANT for your Baba Ganosh, RADISHES and SALANOVA Lettuce bags, Swiss Chard and Kale, and Antohi Romanian Frying Peppers (sweet)–  Priced to sell!

Eggs–  Organic (Costco)– $2.50 dozen,  Farm Fresh Local– $3.75


See you there!   THE FARMER’ S WIFE