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Pulled the Fruit Share off the truck last night and the Oranges and Strawberries are ripe–smell wonderful and taste great, but they are ripe!  We sorted them through and pulled one or two over-ripe ones from most of the clamshells.  All the Fruit Shares are set up for Delivery on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with your Veggie Pick Up’s. 

Here’s what’s in the Fruit Share for this week:

Strawberries- 1 lb.–very flavorful, even the ones not dead-ripe.  Enjoy them immediately–

Valencia Oranges- 3 lb. bag–Valencia’s are not considered a peeling orange–they are best sliced and juiced.  They are great with the peels cut off, cut into chunks, and added to crisp green lettuce salad–We add them with avocado and cranberries and a light fruity vinaigrette.  (When you get your share, sort through the oranges, removing the softer ones and eating them first.)

Nectarines- 1 lb.–they are firm and will need to set on the counter a few days to finish ripening.  Nectarines are in season right now and should develop their flavor.

Pink Lady apples- 2 lbs.–just like we remember them!  These are the only non-organic item this week. 


The Farmer’s Wife