2nd Week Share


The Shares this week are loaded!  Both the Cauliflower and Broccoli are ready and boy are they ready!  Cauliflower is slightly yellowed, but tastes great–we didn’t get it tied up early enough.  Broccoli is beautiful and very flavorful!  You’ll get them both–

Also in the shares for everyone are Carrots and Beets–the last week on this crop…more are planted.  The greens this week are lettuce, kale, and Swiss Chard.  We have lots of zucchini for everyone to help themselves to–and also Yellow Slick Pick squash

Today was the Tuesday Pick Up–in the wind and rain.  (if you missed we’ll have your share in the cooler for two days–come and pick it up.)  Tomorrow we deliver to Thermopolis, and Thursday is the Worland Pick Up and delivery to Ten Sleep.  Friday we deliver to our neighbors to the north, and Saturday is the final Pick Up for this week at Farmer’s Market.  Please keep us in mind!

At this point it looks like we will have 2# bags of carrots and 1-1/2# bags of Cauliflower flowerettes at Market.  Also, several heads of sweet green early cabbage that were ahead of their time.  (CSA Members will start to get cabbage as they mature–we did not have enough today to put into any shares–).  If the zucchini and yellow squash need to be harvested before the Tuesday harvests, we’ll bring them to market, too–Same for cucumbers.  (Note on Cukes–we will be overrun soon…we have two varieties that’ll be producing at the same time.  European picklers are producing now, but not in large volumes yet–great snack and salad cucumber…peels not bitter and meat is firm.)

Last item–The Apricots that were pre-ordered should be in tomorrow and will be available at your Pick Up or Farmer’s Market on Saturday from 8:00-11:30.  Also, the Fruit Share for this week is Strawberries, Nectarines, Valencia Oranges, and Pink Lady apples. All but the apples are organic–Shares will be delivered Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Happy dreams!  The Farmer’s Wife

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