First Week Share and Colossal Onions!

We made it through the first week of Harvest and Delivery!! And you did, too! We made some mistakes, but now we’ll get better–

I want to clarify that because of the number of members, and to get the most efficient use of our garden space, we are using a rotation system. All members are divided into three groups- each group gets the same items. For example Group C got cauliflower, but not carrots this week. Next week Group C will get carrots, and Group B will get Cauliflower. All groups got Red Beets, and most got bunching onions. I keep records to track who gets what. My intention is to assure over the season it works out for all, and that we harvest as much of the garden with as little waste as possible.

As the garden starts to produce–it is still in its infancy–more items will be available for more members. This was only the first week.

Oh–and one more thing: Mark Stiver had the most beautiful Walla Walla white onions at Farmer’s Market! They were Jumbo sized…maybe even Colossal! Onions take 90 to 100 days and even longer in the cool Spring. He told me he planted them in March–how cool is that! March was when we were planting in the hoop house–maybe next year we can set out a bed of onions,too– 🙂

The Farmer’s Amazed Wife

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