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Summer Share- Week 1


Tuesday Shares have been delivered–mostly…Hope you all are enjoying your Carrots, Onions, Spinach, Salanova, and Red Beets.  Zucchini went to the Half and Full Shares yesterday.  As the zucchini starts producing more, it will be shared with others. 

Remember–The first few weeks are light until the garden ‘explodes’.  Note that not all shares have the same produce the same week–there are small variations based on availability. 

Some information on storage and use of your produce–

Top your CARROTS and put them in bags in the fridge, or put them in a container with water to experience snacky crispness.  We leave the tops on as they are easier to bundle, but put in the fridge with the tops will result in wilted carrots.

ONIONS are nice and tender.  You can use the whole stem, not just the white end.  Great raw or cooked. Store in a sealed bag in fridge to prevent the fridge from smelling like onions.

SPINACH and SALANOVA are not washed.  Wash and then spin dry.  You can place them in a kitchen towel, step out on the deck, and spin them around like a pinwheel to get the excess water out.  Store in a sealed bag for crispness.  Sometimes I will wash the greens, drain them in a colander, and then bag them in a zip-lock upside down in the drainer to drain the rest of the water out. 

RED BEETS are multi-purpose:  You can cook the tops and eat the bulbs.  Bulbs can be boiled and then ‘slip’ the skins off with a little cold water.  Beet bulbs can be wrapped in foil and roasted in the oven like a potato.  The skin will slip right off when cool and the beet can be stored in a bag to chop up for a salad, or cook as a side dish later on.  Beets can also be pickled.  Both Harvard Beets and Pickled Beets recipes are listed under the Recipes tab.


Enjoy the garden’s bursting bounty!   The Farmer’s Wife