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CSA Start Up Date

The Farmer sat The Farmer’s Wife down tonight and explained WHY the garden is not ready now and will not be ready next week.  There is a reason he is The Farmer and I am The Farmer’s Wife.  Forgive me for my eagerness–I love garden produce and wonderful food from the garden!  (The garden guides said it takes 50 days, darnit!– But they don’t take into account weather and are only averages–okay, I knew that, sorta…)   Stay tuned–  🙂

Update on The Farm, we have been weeding and thinning the hills of everything.  This week we will plant the last of the stagger planting of the melons and corn.  The hoophouse has about two more weeks of Spring Share harvesting and then it will be cleaned up and readied for the summer planting for Fall Harvests.  The red beets, Swiss chard, and spinach will be ready soon, but growth has slowed substantially this last week with the Fall-like weather–39 degrees at night is not conducive to steady growth! 

This week we will begin the construction on the processing space and delivery area, and clean out sheds (YUCK).  Tomorrow afternoon we will be setting out the fall cabbages, the second planting of Brussels sprouts, more cauliflower and broccoli, and another round of Salanova lettuce.  Things really are greening up around here!

The Farmer’s Wife