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This is a shout out to the Fruit Share members– I need to hear from you before I order next Monday. 

Two questions:

Are you firm on Organic only?  My preference is Organic only, but we are early in the season and I’m looking at the available organic fruit and not that many items are listed in the Organic section–imported Apples, Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, Citrus and Peaches and Pears which are all out of season, and the tropicals (mango, pineapple, bananas, coconuts, kiwi).  If I were to order today the Fruit Share would be 4# imported Fuji apples and two 4.4 oz containers of Blueberries.  The new list doesn’t have organic Pink Lady, they did last week, but I can get Pink Lady apples (non-organic and waxed) for $1.50/lb.  Should I buy the non-organic until more of the organic comes into season and we have more choice?  OR should I stick with Organic, knowing the choices are narrower for the time being?

We can get organic avocados and bananas at Blair’s.  The quality of the avocados has slid and the price is up to $2.  The bananas have been good and run 99 cents/lb.  I can get avocados for half the price (not sure on the quality without talking to the sales rep) and bananas for 68 cents/lb.  Do you want me to order them for the price savings, or skip them since we can get them locally?

Two things to keep in mind–

Even organic fruit is sprayed before it is brought to the packing facility to prevent the spread of fruit pests and diseases.  Organic means it is organically grown in the orchard or field–according to the guidelines of the USDA, but once out of the field it has to comply with conventional practices of packing, shipping, and distribution.  (Always wash your fruit!)


We can not be assured of the organic practices of countries outside the US.  I don’t believe we personally inspect their operations, but trust in their word.  Some say that the standards of other countries do not equal the standards in the US–I don’t have enough information.  I like to buy local when I can, but our southern neighbors can grow things when we can’t.  Do we eat what we have here and wait for the cycles of our region?–we know the best fruit is the fruit in season…and the best price, too.


Give me your thoughts–The Farmer’s Wife