Update on The Farm

We are one month into the garden frenzy, a process which has actually been on-gong since the early part of this year when we started ordering seed. Phase two begins next week with high level weeding operations, final stages of the Spring Shares, and more Perennial bed care. The two hoophouses are fully functional, though the large hoop has sustained irreparable wind damage and the small hoop house is now technically a greenhouse–do you know the difference between the two terms? For more information on The Farm and to read about the cabbage, beans, and sweet potatoes, go to http://www.lloydcraftfarms.com under Update on The Farm tab.

Don’t forget about the double header in my kitchen next week-end! I’d love to see the people who attended last year–Come and say good-bye to Brenda. AND for the new people, this is your opportunity to take in some top-level information on dehydration and pro-biotic drink-making AT NO COST– send me an email to reserve your spot– craftterri@rtconnect.net

The Farmer’s Wife

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