Time again for the Spring Share Pick up!– Museum Parking Lot, 4:30 to 5:30

This week’s Share— 

GREENS ONLY– Bag of two small heads of lettuce- Green Bibb and Red Bibb Mini-head, Spinach, and 2 small bunches of Red Russian Kale.  Be sure and wash your lettuce is cold cold water for the best crispness and drain well before storing in your fridge–

FULL SPECTRUM – Bag of Salanova– Green Crisp and Red Incised, last of the Tatsoi and Vit, 6 oz of Red Russian Baby Leaf Kale, and maybe, just maybe, some of the Hakeui Japanese Salad Turnips. 

There are some extras on the Red Russian Kale, and maybe some of the very last Radishes.  (I know I keep saying that–but they will run out!)  These will go to the first that ask for them. 

Lindsay will be handling the delivery for one more week–We have appreciated her help this month! 

THANKS for participating in the Spring Share–The Farmer’s Wife



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