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Let me take a few moments before we hit the sheets and snooze…

We continue to diligently transplant with our nifty Rain Flo planter–today it was peppers…Tomorrow we hope to finish the peppers by transplanting the hot peppers, and then start on the tomatoes. We have one more short bed of fingerling reds and Russets potatoes, and then the Brussels sprouts, and celery.

Getting all those things transplanted will be a tall order to fill–especially since we will spend the morning in the hoop house harvesting for the Spring Shares, and sending stuff northward to supplement the income. (It was 82 degrees in there today by 10:30! AND Humid!!)

All the ready transplants should be in and we can move to planting by hand the corn, beans, watermelons, cucumbers, summer squash, and ornamental pumpkins. We’ll then follow with the cantaloupe and Honey Dew, and work up two more garden spots for the pumpkins and Mr. Hamilton’s Apple Orchard. This all needs to be done this week–so we will work our hardest and thank the Lord for the great weather!

BTW–We will be closing the MEMBERSHIP DRIVE the end of this month. Only a few openings remain. Hope to post information on the CANNER’s SHARES later this week–probably Saturday– Stay tuned!

The Farmer’s Wife


GREETINGS!   The THIRD Spring Share will be ready for pick up at the regular delivery time and place–

Washakie Museum Parking Lot—towards the back of the lot–

TIME–4:30 to 5:30 PM   ON   WEDNESDAY, MAY 21st

Look for a little silver Chrysler Sebring and look for Lindsay–

This week’s SHARES will be:  Salad bag of SALANOVA lettuces with a couple of RADISHES, bagged KALES (smaller, tender leaves), and SWISS CHARD.  The FULL SPECTRUM people will also get a bag of mini-Bok Choi, Mache (Vit), and Totsoi.  

Sorry–Salad turnips not ready to harvest yet… 

See you then!  The Farmer’s Wife