Summer Shares/ Membership Drive

May is planting month–time to close the membership drive so we can fit the garden to our needs. At the present I have 89 memberships and 15 applications out–If you are one of those holding an application, dig it out of the pile on the corner of the desk and get it turned in! We do not need full payment–just a down and your application to get you signed up as a MEMBER–Payment terms are on the application…but I am open to what you can do. We prefer shares are paid in full by July 15th, but we are flexible–this is food, a part of your grocery budget.

The most important thing to me is for YOU to experience good, fresh produce locally grown. I am passionate about the value of nutrient rich food with no chemical additives or pesticides. The sooner off the plant the better for us!

So–there is your pep talk! Find that piece of paper and get it to me. If we have all the apps returned that were requested, we will be close enough to target to hire the extra full time help. Volunteers–I still need you, too!

The Farmer’s Wife

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