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First Spring Share ready May 7th

It is finally here–the first Spring Share!  I will have 30 Spring Shares ready for Pick up for those 30 people who signed up for Spring Shares– 

Pick up is Wednesday, May 7th, between 4:30 and 5:30 at the back of the Washakie Museum parking lot.  Look for our white delivery truck–no name on the side yet.   Call with questions–   THANKS!   The Farmer’s Wife

BTW–The Share is the agreed bag of greens for GREENS ONLY, and the same greens plus Radishes for the FULL SPECTRUM.  We hope to have some asparagus, too, for the FULL SPECTRUM!  We picked it a couple of days ago and will bundle it up Monday to see how much we have.   

The Weather HAS Broke!…

AND OTHER NEWS FROM THE FARM! The Weather has broke–it’s been GORGEOUS!! Things are a-moving in the garden–finally at MY speed. But, first–a thank you to The Farmer. THANK you for dragging your feet and not letting The Farmer’s Wife push you into setting out all those baby plants. It is doubtful they would have survived the 45 mph gusts–even with row cover (which would be long gone by now)– and the below freezing relative weather. THANK YOU FARMER for all your wisdom and experience–

To read more on the progress on The Farm go to FARM PROGRESS for May 4th update.

The Farmer’s Wife