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Bok Choi

Bok Choi

Look what seed was mixed in with the kohlrabi?

Spring Shares– CORRECTION

NO 6 oz of Red Russian this week–will be included in next week’s shares.   The Farmer’s Wife  🙂

SUMMER Membership Drive coming to a CLOSE–

Greetings all you veggie eaters!  This is your official notice that the 2014 Summer CSA Membership Drive is ending SATURDAY, MAY 31st–  Time to move on! 

UPDATE ON THE FARM–long hours, tired bodies…BUT the garden is in its bud stage-figuratively speaking!  The last baby plants in waiting are the Beauregard Sweet Potatoes…we know them as YAMS.  They arrived last Friday, but we have had to wait for the right planting conditions.  I think the high winds should be history (for the time being) and the 500 ‘slips’ will be transplanted tomorrow evening.  Seeds we put in the ground last week have sprouted–beans, corn, zucchini, and some of the melons!  Take a deep breath and enjoy the smell of SPRING!  Lilac!!–hmmmmm

The Farmer’s Wife



Time again for the Spring Share Pick up!– Museum Parking Lot, 4:30 to 5:30

This week’s Share— 

GREENS ONLY– Bag of two small heads of lettuce- Green Bibb and Red Bibb Mini-head, Spinach, and 2 small bunches of Red Russian Kale.  Be sure and wash your lettuce is cold cold water for the best crispness and drain well before storing in your fridge–

FULL SPECTRUM – Bag of Salanova– Green Crisp and Red Incised, last of the Tatsoi and Vit, 6 oz of Red Russian Baby Leaf Kale, and maybe, just maybe, some of the Hakeui Japanese Salad Turnips. 

There are some extras on the Red Russian Kale, and maybe some of the very last Radishes.  (I know I keep saying that–but they will run out!)  These will go to the first that ask for them. 

Lindsay will be handling the delivery for one more week–We have appreciated her help this month! 

THANKS for participating in the Spring Share–The Farmer’s Wife



Calling ALL Canners–

Time to place your order for your Canner’s Share–the produce to can, freeze, or dry this summer…Payment not due now, just an email or call so we can add you to the Canner’s Share list.

Order before end of month, May 31st, 2014: or call 431-1219. Payment due when you pick the goodies up–

Prices and additional information at Canner’s Share tab

30 People with 30 words…or less

Interested in feed-back on the quantity and quality of the greens so far–email me or respond to the blog…in 30 words or less!  More Tatsoi or Choi?  (I just used 30 words!  You can do it, too!)

SPRING SHARERS– Input requested

Hello Spring Sharers!  We just finished our third week– We should be settling into the Pick Up routine:  Remember, every Wednesday 4:30 to 5:30 at the Washakie Museum parking lot.

How are the Share Sizes working for you?  This was the 3rd week–5 more to go–This week was a little heavier because we absolutely needed to cut back the Swiss chard for better production in the months to follow.  Normally the GREENS ONLY people will have about 1# total greens–this week it was closer to 1-1/2#’s.  FULL SPECTRUM–I know the Share is a little heavy on the greens…we are waiting on the turnips, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and kohlrabi to come into their own!  Be patient, they are growing well!!

It is our hope that the greens you have will give you about a week’s worth of salads or complements to your meals. Asian greens can be steamed, stir fried, or cooked in butter.  Kale is excellent in your salad or chopped up and fried with your potatoes–My favorite! And don’t rule out the value of spinach or kale as a power drink mixed with bananas, raspberries, milk, and nutmeg in your blender. Try some slivered almonds to add a nutty flavor–   Did you know you can throw spinach or kale into the freezer and add it to your blender drink the next week?  Swiss chard will cook and is good with a little vinegar and butter–you may need more than we’ve given you if you have more than one person…it shrinks! 

Some people eat more salads and greens than others, so it is probably impossible to have everyone satisfied.  BUT, I am interested in your feed-back on the quantity and the quality of the greens you have gotten so far–email me or respond to the blog. 

THANKS!  The Farmer’s Wife


Let me take a few moments before we hit the sheets and snooze…

We continue to diligently transplant with our nifty Rain Flo planter–today it was peppers…Tomorrow we hope to finish the peppers by transplanting the hot peppers, and then start on the tomatoes. We have one more short bed of fingerling reds and Russets potatoes, and then the Brussels sprouts, and celery.

Getting all those things transplanted will be a tall order to fill–especially since we will spend the morning in the hoop house harvesting for the Spring Shares, and sending stuff northward to supplement the income. (It was 82 degrees in there today by 10:30! AND Humid!!)

All the ready transplants should be in and we can move to planting by hand the corn, beans, watermelons, cucumbers, summer squash, and ornamental pumpkins. We’ll then follow with the cantaloupe and Honey Dew, and work up two more garden spots for the pumpkins and Mr. Hamilton’s Apple Orchard. This all needs to be done this week–so we will work our hardest and thank the Lord for the great weather!

BTW–We will be closing the MEMBERSHIP DRIVE the end of this month. Only a few openings remain. Hope to post information on the CANNER’s SHARES later this week–probably Saturday– Stay tuned!

The Farmer’s Wife


GREETINGS!   The THIRD Spring Share will be ready for pick up at the regular delivery time and place–

Washakie Museum Parking Lot—towards the back of the lot–

TIME–4:30 to 5:30 PM   ON   WEDNESDAY, MAY 21st

Look for a little silver Chrysler Sebring and look for Lindsay–

This week’s SHARES will be:  Salad bag of SALANOVA lettuces with a couple of RADISHES, bagged KALES (smaller, tender leaves), and SWISS CHARD.  The FULL SPECTRUM people will also get a bag of mini-Bok Choi, Mache (Vit), and Totsoi.  

Sorry–Salad turnips not ready to harvest yet… 

See you then!  The Farmer’s Wife 

Second Spring Share May 14th

Today, Tuesday, we will start putting the second share together for the Spring Shares that started last week.  I think we can increase the gallon of greens, and most likely it will be the straight Gourmet Baby Leaf Lettuce Mix.  The Farmer tells me we will also have SALANOVA!–what a treat!  (My package came today from Johnny’s–Each member will get a SALANOVA corer…the hand-held thingy that transforms the head of lettuce to a nice crisp bag of crunchy lettuce leaves.)  Might be two bags of greens this week!  More Spinach, some Kale, and more Radishes.  Will know what SURPRISE the hoop house holds for us when we get there!  (Monday it was about 40 degrees outside and 82 degrees inside the hoop!)

The Farmer’s Wife

BTW–I was at Bee Healthy this morning.  We still have 3 bags of Spinach and Kale left.  I want you to know the Kale is tender and baby sized.  We left the stem on them long so they can be roasted in the oven.  Easy peasy:  foil on cookie sheet, place leaves on foil, spray with olive oil and sprinkle your favorite seasoning on top.  Bake at 375 for 10-15 minutes–until crisp and crunchy.  Same can be done with the spinach!  (If no olive oil spray, just mix dried herbs in olive oil and lightly dip the leaves, then lay them on the cookie sheet, and bake.)